Shedding Light and Tiles: The Underrated Art of Residential Roof Replacement 

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Shedding Light and Tiles: The Overlooked Mastercraft of Residential Roof Replacement

Alpha Roofing, based in the heart of Maryville, TN, specializes in the underrated art of residential roof replacement. This article aims to provide a comprehensive insight into why this home improvement task is more than just replacing a few shingles. It unlocks value, ensures safety, and, done right, it can be an aesthetically pleasing aspect of your home too.

Delving Into Residential Roof Replacement

Informed by the National Association of Realtors, a well-executed residential roof replacement can significantly enhance the property value, boasting up to an impressive 105% return on investment upon resale. The term “roof over your head” now proves to carry more weight in gold—or shingles—that one might think originally.

Investment You Can’t Ignore

Replacement of a residential roof is, unexpectedly, not just about combating leaks, drafts, or ugly patches. It’s also an essential home renovation investment you can’t afford to overlook. Known as the “silent performer” in house renovations, it adds substantial value to your home, as a report from Remodeling magazine pointed out. The average cost of a residential roof replacement in 2019, around $22,636, could actually save homeowners thousands over time in reduced energy costs and additional damage prevention.

Profits In The Offing

A carefully planned and professionally executed roof replacement is a profit storytelling venture. As noted by the National Association of Realtors, homeowners can potentially rack up to a whopping 107% value recovery from a residential roof replacement when selling their house. That’s enough to make anyone reconsider their stance on roofing!

Roof Replacement: Materials and Options

When it comes to roofing materials for your replacement, you’re not limited to just asphalt shingles anymore. Alpha Roofing has a vast array of options, from architectural shingles installation to tile roof replacements. Our team of roofing contractors are skilled artisans, continuously staying ahead of industry trends and maintaining high-standard workmanship.

Evaluating the Re-roof Cost

Alpha Roofing provides an easy-to-use re-roof cost estimator to help you calculate your potential expenses. It is essential for budgeting and can give you peace of mind on your path to roof replacement. However, remember: residential asphalt roofing systems’ investment is recouped over time, both in the aesthetic and monetary appreciation of your property.

Getting Professional Help

A well-guided and advised homeowner is a wise homeowner! Transform your roof trouble into peace of mind by hiring professional roofer advice. At Alpha Roofing, we encourage homeowners to consult with experienced roof repair services to ensure the best outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Handy Tips!

Is a Roof Replacement Worth It?

Definitely, a roof replacement isn’t just an essential part of home maintenance—it’s an investment that could lead to valuable returns.

How Long Does Roof Replacement Take?

Every house is different, but at Alpha Roofing, we usually work within a window of 1-3 days for most residential homes.

What Roofing Material is the Best?

The choice of roofing material is often dependent on your specific location, home style, and personal preference.

Concluding Thoughts

Nobody ever said “I just love the way my new roof looks!” until you’ve done business with Alpha Roofing. Residential roof replacement is much more than a house chore—it’s an art in the world of home renovations, and we hope by now, you’ve come to see its worth and importance in the grand painting of your housing portrait.

Remember, with roofing, unlike what Shakespeare said, all that glitters is not gold but can indeed turn into it when it’s time for resale! Our guide to residential roof replacement has hopefully shed both light and tiles on this underrated value-add for your home. Make the wise choice, opt for residential roof replacement when and where necessary. The sky (or your roof) is the limit here!

Table of Contents
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